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Knole Park Golf Shop May Newsletter

Welcome to the Knole Park Golf Shop

May Newsletter

Firstly, as always we hope that you and all of your families are staying safe during this difficult time that we still find ourselves in.

Can I though, see light at the end of the tunnel. There is a lot of chat within the golf industry that courses could be open in some capacity during May. I for one hope so.

Obviously with the lockdown still in place at the moment we remain shut, but we want to continue communicating with you. 

This month's Product Spotlight takes a look at the golf balls we currently have in stock and ready for you to look at once we reopen and you can get back on the course.

There are tips from James, Andy and myself to look at too.

Please don't forget to join Knole Park Golf Shop on Facebook or Instagram for more updates and tips. I even have my own website www.knoleparkgolfshop.co.uk that is currently being updated.

We also have a great competition from Wilson to win a D7 Driver and a year's supply of DUO Soft+ golf balls.

There is also a look at the luckiest and unluckiest shots on the European Tour so far in 2020.

Win a Wilson D7 Driver and 12 Dozen Balls

We are all looking forward to getting back out on the fairways once the lockdown is lifted so, to kickstart you back into golf when the time comes, we have teamed up with Wilson to give you the opportunity to win a fantastic prize. All you have to do is answer the the simple question and you could be in with a chance to become the proud new owner of the innovative D7 Driver AND a 12 Dozen DUO Soft+ golf balls.

Luckiest golf shots of the year (so far)

The luckiest golf shots of the 2020 European Tour season so far. Enjoy!

Getting the Practice Area Ready

Believe it or not but the practice area is finally dried out. I've been cutting the grass twice a week to relieve my boredom and help Kris a little. Hopefully you can hit balls soon.

I'm pleased to announce that during the lockdown James has become a TPI Level One certified coach.

TPI stands for Titleist Performance Institute. As you can see from the Professional Tour’s around the world there is not one way to swing the golf club in fact there are infinite numbers of ways to swing a golf club. TPI screening identifies the most efficient way for that golfer to swing a club by assessing swing mechanics, biomechanics, physical fitness, movement quality, current health and client history. Ultimately it assists the coach in finding the most efficient way for a player to swing based on what they can physically do. TPI can reduce the risk of injury and create longevity for golfers of all ages and standards.  

Please see James's YouTube clip below. 

Product Spotlight - Golf Balls


Chrome Soft
Callaway have advanced their innovative thinking for 2020 with the new Chrome Soft…and this ball changes everything. Every aspect and element in Chrome Soft has been re-engineered for more speed off the tee, and longer distance off of every club in the bag.
Larger Graphene-Infused Dual SoftFast Core For Increased Distance
The significantly larger inner core creates higher launch and lower spin. And the thinner, firmer outer core is reinforced with Graphene for better durability and more wedge spin.


Tour Response 
Every golf ball used on Tour has a urethane cover, made for premium feel and increased spin around the greens. Now we’re making those same performance standards available at a price that appeals to all golfers. An ultra-low 40 compression core gives you a softer feel while maximising energy transfer and rebound at impact, resulting in greater distance. Utilising a technology similar to the hottest Tour ball in golf (TP5/TP5x), the 3-piece Tour Response ball is designed to deliver fast ball speeds.


TaylorMade teamed up with Rickie Fowler to develop a ball that reflects his swagger and delivers the performance he demands. Strategically placed graphics frame the TaylorMade logo to form ClearPath Alignment and provide immediate feedback once the ball is rolling. The only way to see it is to play it. Powered by the same 5-layer construction as TP5/TP5X, pix delivers tee-to-green performance without sacrifice.


Pro V1
Trusted by more professionals competing worldwide than any other brand, the Titleist Pro V1 sets the benchmark for premium golf ball design and technology. It will provide total performance from tee to green with penetrating flight and very soft feel. The Pro V1’s proprietary cast thermoset urethane elastomer cover system has been made 17 per cent thinner to provide the best scoring control. This reduction in thickness will help add to the speed whilst retaining spin and control. With the addition of the new 2.0 ZG Process Cores, formulated for more speed and less spin, the Pro V1 is optimised to fly with a more penetrating trajectory alongside its trademark feel characteristics.

Pro V1x
Much like the Pro V1 golf ball, Pro V1x is trusted by golf’s leading players, such as Justin Thomas and Tommy Fleetwood. Pro V1x has been designed to fly higher than Pro V1 with a slightly firmer feel.Pro V1x is a four-piece golf ball, featuring a 17 per cent thinner cast Urethane Elastomer cover and new 2.0 ZG Process Cores, which deliver greater distance for golfers.

For golfers who prefer a very soft compression feel, Titleist TruFeel improves upon the prior generation DT TruSoft as the best performing golf ball in its class, offering a superior combination of soft feel, longer distance and short game control. TruFeel features a new TruTouch core and TruFit aerodynamics for more distance with the driver and in the long game, and a proprietary TruFlex cover that provides ultra-soft feel and excellent control on shots into and around the green. TruFeel is available in White, Optic Yellow, and Matte Red. The new TruFeel sidestamp has be designed to double as an alignment aid.

Tour Soft
The new 2020 Tour Soft improves upon its prior generation with real performance advancements to help golfers play better. Tour Soft features Titleist’s largest golf ball core, delivering faster ball speeds for category-leading distance off the tee. The larger core size required engineers to make Tour Soft’s 4CE grafted cover system even thinner, producing increased short game spin around the green. The new spherically tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple design provides more penetrating ball flight. Also, doubling as an alignment aid, the new Tour Soft’s ‘T’ sidestamp provides golfers the option for easy alignment on the tee or green.
New Tour Soft is offered in both White and High Optic Yellow.

The new 2020 Titleist Velocity has been designed to deliver longer distance, extremely low long game spin, high flight and greater iron stoppability. In fact, every component has been engineered to maximise performance, including new aerodynamic and core technologies that deliver the longest, best performing Velocity yet. The invention of a new spherically tiled 350 Octahedral dimple design produces a more consistent, high-flying trajectory, for longer distance. While Velocity’s larger, higher speed LSX core generates fast initial velocity and extremely low spin on all full swing shots to help golfers get every last yard.
Now available in three new vibrant matte colour options – Matte Pink, Matte Green and Matte Orange – in addition to standard White.

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